Dark Practice – The Beginnings











These photographs are from my new practice, which I like to call ‘Dark Practice’. Very simple.

Although I have shot like this before, I’m starting to refine it as my main practice.

These two photos are the last two frames of a 120 film, shot differently to how I have been shooting this work. Now using a different camera (using a Fuji 6×7 III previously, now a Mamiya RZ67) with the ability to multi-expose and a revolving back. So I decided to shot these a little more abstract, changing from landscape to portrait. Also previously to this 120 film I shot with a long exposure, this film was experimenting multiple exposure (perhaps a bit redundant at night).

Image on the left is of a sandbank and behind it is the sea. Image on the right is from the (closed) observatory, which is located on the beach, and the image is the tide breaking onto the beach.