“The Huldra was supposed to be a breath taking beauty, sometimes a naked woman, inhabitant of the deep forests. On the other hand, in Norway she has been described as a common dairymaid or as a typical farm girl, although still prettier than the average girls.

In some traditions, the Huldra likes to lure men into the forest for having sex with them, often killing those who doesn’t satisfy her. The Norwegian Huldra may simply just kidnap the man and taking him to an underworld. She sometimes stole human infants and replaced them with her own ugly huldrebarn. Some fairly tales relate how some Huldras got to marry humans, losing her tail, but not her looks, and living happily ever after. However, if badly treated, or betrayed, the Huldra could punish severely, as in one case from Sigdal, when she avenged her pride on a young guy she had sworn to marry, on the promise that he would not tell anybody of her. The boy instead bragged about his bride for a year, and when they met again, she beat him around the ears with her cow’s tail. He lost his hearing and his wits for the rest of his life.”