Port Talbot

This image was shot when I was still conducting my series of images for my book project. Although it didn’t make the final cut for my book, it did make it into my portfolio. I’m not entirely sure what changed for me about this image, but when I looked at it with the other Port Talbot images, it seemed to make sense.

There isn’t much to say about the image, just it’s a funny thing about photography (for myself anyway) that when I get bored of my photographs (a few, through too much looking) and some images become lost in conduct through projects and the such. Yet when you sift through, you come across some of the forgotten which surprise even yourself. I like that. After a numb process like readying a photograph, it reapplies that wonder and creativity and returns the images’s fortunes.


The Ambiguous Black Book

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These are the full 15 images from my first book, which I created using the service ubyu.

Created for the purpose of course criteria, it was the opportunity to design and produce my own self published book. Ubyu were not exactly on the ball (still in beta form), anybody who used them came to find them arduous. Constant problems were scratches on pages, bad reproduction of the digital files and the guttering. But I came out fairly lucky on the other side of production, after paying a bit more for a large hardback landscape book, with a more textured quality of paper (the cheaper matt option). The book worked as black pages, with one blank page on the left then the image on the right without border so the image bleed into the black pages (this worked extremely well). The covering of the book, I gave it a cloth wrap with no image or text, this was a semi-conscious decision in which post-production would have to suffice (taking it somewhere which could do debossing, as the company hadn’t started the option yet).

But my first and only copy has still no impression of text or design, and has stayed as an ambiguous black book.

The book will soon be available from the book store, but that is yet another thing yet to be open, but when it is…