Free Range Degree Show 2012

Final selection of images for the Free Range degree show at the Old Truman Brewery, London

Photo courtesy of Marianne Demmo

Installation shot

Free Range Portfolio link

Online catalogue for Swansea Metropolitan University’s 2012 Photography Degree


Norway Panoramic #260

Norway Panoramic #189

Norway Panoramic #016

SA1 Redevelopment : My First Exhibition – Fugitive Testimony [2010]

This series of images came about from a university project, but also gave me the opportunity of being in my first exhibition.

Very exciting time to be featured in your first exhibition, with the venue being Mission Gallery  (highly respectable gallery in Swansea) I felt quite satisfied with myself, especially being in my first year. I was being featured with other students (I was the only first year exhibiting) as it was a university submission, 7 of us were exhibiting. The exhibition was based around Roland Barthes’ term “Fugitive Testimony“, broadly addressing photography, evidence and time. My images capture the evolution of change.

The images are of and around the SA1 redevelopment area. The area used to be a dock, but since the steel industry became heavily redundant (and other docks surrounding still being used) it became unused, so it is now being developed into a rich community, featuring restaurants, nightclubs, homes etc.

Touristes à la Tour Eiffel

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In November, it was my first time visiting the city of Paris.

The air of classic swagger was compelling more than repulsing, the streets were filled with bodies of humble and outrageous type, but a pleasurable mix in the right culture. I immediately grew fond of this naturalistic presentation of Paris it felt timely and charming. Staying in a side street hotel was representative of a different era, which should always be a welcomed thing. Paris seemed to be indulged in a manner of modernisation within the past.

Of course, to visit Paris, was to visit the Eiffel Tower.

With my girlfriend, her Nikon D700 on my shoulder, and becoming progressively of thought of the people around me, I went on to photograph. The slideshow shows my interest in this group of tourists. Obviously there for the same reason as I, I became interested in there travelling community. Snaking through the queue, and getting opportunities to photograph, I got my shots. Being able to use such a high ISO meant being unobtrusive and simply integrating within the public, no flash, no attention.

Not usually working in this way, it felt good not to have the pressure of normally working this way, I could document how I wanted to. I got some other shots of the trip to the Eiffel, but my interest lay with this selective of tourists.