Swansea City F.C. – A Heroes Return.

Crowd beginning to stir.

Crowd meets team.

Some of the fans get a better view.

Victory buying.

"Going Up, Going Up"

I guess this is a continuation of a previous post about Swansea’s football team going up to the Premiership, ‘Vetch Field – Swansea are Premiership Now’. These photos were taken at the victory parade through the town when the team returned from their triumph over Reading. This event was a first for me, I’ve never really had the oppurtunity to attend a victory parade and the crowd atmosphere was addictive. I orginally just went to photograph, I didn’t think I would feel connected, but before I knew it I was feeling part of the crowd and not just a photographer. I think the photographs speak for themselves, I just wanted to show the crowd’s elation for their home football team, and their feat of greatness (for Swansea anyway).


Picture Perfect

The third episode from VBS.TV series ‘Picture Perfect’ looking at Rob Honstra, who I’ve had the pleasure to meet recently.

His work ‘The Sochi Project’ is a extensive look at the Sochi region and it’s dynamic transformation ready for the Winter Olympics, but I suggest looking at it for yourself to discover how good this project is and continue to be over the coming years.