Vetch Field – Swansea are Premiership Now.

The North Bank of the original pitch for Swansea City Football club, but after the Liberty Stadium was built in 2005, the Vetch Field became neglected and is now demolished.

On May 31st Bank Holiday Monday, Swansea triumphed over Reading 4-2. This post is to commemorate that win and although some of their history has been destroyed, this photo commemorates that history.


Port Talbot

This image was shot when I was still conducting my series of images for my book project. Although it didn’t make the final cut for my book, it did make it into my portfolio. I’m not entirely sure what changed for me about this image, but when I looked at it with the other Port Talbot images, it seemed to make sense.

There isn’t much to say about the image, just it’s a funny thing about photography (for myself anyway) that when I get bored of my photographs (a few, through too much looking) and some images become lost in conduct through projects and the such. Yet when you sift through, you come across some of the forgotten which surprise even yourself. I like that. After a numb process like readying a photograph, it reapplies that wonder and creativity and returns the images’s fortunes.

SA1 Redevelopment : My First Exhibition – Fugitive Testimony [2010]

This series of images came about from a university project, but also gave me the opportunity of being in my first exhibition.

Very exciting time to be featured in your first exhibition, with the venue being Mission Gallery  (highly respectable gallery in Swansea) I felt quite satisfied with myself, especially being in my first year. I was being featured with other students (I was the only first year exhibiting) as it was a university submission, 7 of us were exhibiting. The exhibition was based around Roland Barthes’ term “Fugitive Testimony“, broadly addressing photography, evidence and time. My images capture the evolution of change.

The images are of and around the SA1 redevelopment area. The area used to be a dock, but since the steel industry became heavily redundant (and other docks surrounding still being used) it became unused, so it is now being developed into a rich community, featuring restaurants, nightclubs, homes etc.