Norwegian Landscape


During a month stay in Norway in Summer (2010), my girlfriend’s father took us on a road trip for a couple of days. The trip started out from Bergen, their hometown, and we headed east. Equipped with a cheap Halina panoramic camera (99p from eBay) and my beloved (now retired) Yashica Mat TLR. The Halina acted as a snapshot shooter, and the Yashica as my landscape shooter.

The photos don’t depict the greatness of these lands, but representation is the closest I can give.

I look forward to every chance I get to return to Norway.


4 Comments on “Norwegian Landscape”

  1. Tracy Zhang says:

    the photos are really good actually – esp the last shot! great work!

  2. sartenada says:

    Norway is beautiful and so are Your photos too.

    If You again visit in Norway, then go the North. Most Northern place of Norway is North cape.

    I have some photos from it in my about page.

    Happy Sunday!

    • O J. Causley says:


      Yeah Norway is a beautiful country.
      I’m aiming to go North at some point the future. Most Northern point I’ve been to is Kristiansund. Very nice place.

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